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Gama Generații

Dry Red Wine – Alcohol Volume 13.5%


Grape Varieties

Noble vines of Saperavi.



Hills with clay-loam soil.



Alexandru Ioan Cuza Vineyards, at the border between Moldova and the Danube.

“Saperavi – A captivating elixir where notes of strength and subtlety provide an unforgettable taste experience.”

VinificationThrough meticulous attention and skillful hands, grapes are harvested and selected from a 40-year-old vine, carrying its rich story in every grape berry.
AromaIntense notes of black pepper, ripe black fruits, with subtle hints of vanilla and chocolate. A tempting and deep combination.
AppereanceAn elegant color of intense ruby-red.
TasteNotes of chocolate and vanilla with a persistent flavor due to the long-lasting aftertaste.
Food PairingsBeef brisket, pasta with red sauce, game meat, pork ribs, and Parmesan harmoniously complement the aromas of this characterful wine.
Temp.To fully savor all the aromas and characteristics of SAPERAVI wine, serve it at the ideal serving temperature of 16-18 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, the nuances and layers of flavors will be fully revealed.