Cabernet Sauvignon – Rose

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Gama Select

Rosé Wine – Alcohol Volume 13%


Grape Varieties

Noble vines of Cabernet Sauvignon.



Hills with clay-loam soil.



The Alexandru Ioan Cuza Vineyards, located at the border between Moldova and the Danube.

VinificationGrapes are hand-harvested and carefully selected, then vinified with care using the classic method at controlled temperatures.
AromaCaptivating with fresh raspberry, juicy strawberries, harmoniously combined with floral notes.
AppearanceSalmon pink with subtle shades of rose petals.
TasteFresh, refreshing, balanced acidity, vibrant and invigorating taste.
Food PairingsLight cheeses, servings of fresh oysters, Caesar salad with chicken or shrimp, avocado and salmon tarts.
Temp.Capture the aromas and complexity of this wine at 12-14 degrees Celsius.