In a sun-kissed area of remarkable beauty, in the southern part of Moldova and at the border with Romania, between the Prut River and the Danube River, lies Domeniile Davidescu Winery – a place where wine tourism is redefined, and where you can feel the aesthetic pleasures of wine culture. This region, part of the UNESCO heritage – the Lower Prut Floodplain, conceals treasures of unparalleled splendor.

Within this segment of the renowned Moldovan Wine Road, you will delight in the landscapes of the imposing hills of Slobozia Mare village, “painted” by nature over centuries, an untouched museum-house unaffected by time, where traditions have been meticulously preserved, the expansive Lake Beleu, and the local people – those who sanctify these lands with their kindness and beauty.

Here, in the Lower Prut Floodplain, a series of adventures await you, where you can discover the flavor of the best wines from the Moldovan region and the most welcoming hosts, who faithfully uphold the traditions and customs of their ancestors.

Domeniile Davidescu Winery – a new definition of wine tourism!

Winery Tour Packages

  • The visit lasts approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
  • Guided by Domeniile Davidescu’s sommelier, guide, or oenologist.
  • Visiting hours: from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM



Visit and tasting of three young wines. Walnuts, plums, crackers, and still water.



Visit and tasting of four young and barrel-aged wines. Walnuts, plums, crackers, still water.




Visit and tasting of five young and barrel-aged wines. Walnuts, plums, crackers, still water.

If you pass through here, through Lunca Prutului de Jos, a series of adventures awaits you that you should not miss:

drumul vinului 2

Take a motorboat ride on Lake Beleu, Slobozia Mare, and capture swans, pelicans, herons, storks, and other rare birds that come to feed in the “Lunca Prutului de Jos” scientific reserve.
Prices are around 150 lei per person.
Contact: +373 68 383 000 (Gheorghe Vasilache – Reserve Director)

valeni 4942

Enjoy a Moldovan lunch in Văleni at Mrs. Silvia Stirbet’s Guesthouse (the village mayor).
You’ll find an incredibly picturesque location, and there’s also a charming traditional museum in the yard.
Contact: +373 79 017 151

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Want to stay overnight?
Stay at Vera Caminschi’s Guesthouse and indulge in freshly prepared exquisite dishes.
There’s also a bread museum on the premises.
Contact: +373 79 414 019


Meet the famous grandmother who played the drum at Eurovision – Lidia Bejenaru, and her husband – Dorel Bejenaru (a drum artisan).
The grandparents prepare amazing musical shows and are very welcoming!

Come and meet us!

For unforgettable memories.

We organize guided tours with the cellar’s sommelier or oenologist at Domeniile Davidescu.

Bucuresti – Slobozia Mare
  • 269 km
  • 4-5 hours by car
Buzau – Slobozia Mare
  • 155 km
  • 3 hours by car
Focșani – Slobozia Mare
  • 116 km
  • 2h 30 hours by car.
Brăila – Slobozia Mare
  • 50 km
  • 1h 30 hours by car.
Galați – Slobozia Mare
  • 31,2 km
  • 50 minutes by car
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